Social Media Plan

This plan aims at Detroit based bars and restaurants who are in need of a fresh, consistent pool of images to pull from when building their online presence. The goal for each client is to combine a strong narrative with the creative force you need to create a unified, beautiful aesthetic across multiple social media platforms. 

Initial Meeting

Show me around your business, lets talk about your current branding strategy and where you see it progressing. We'll discuss your content ideas and how we'll create a social media plan. Here is what you need to know about each shoot before we begin:

  • 1 shoot per month, up to 1 hour

  • 30-40 images per shoot


Monthly $500

6 month commitment | each shoot $475 Total cost: $2850 ($150 savings)

12 month commitment  | each shoot $450 Total cost: $5400 ($600 savings)



More content is always an option.

Daily / Weekly Special: 2-4 images of special dish or drink delivered onsite $25

2nd Monthly shoot $250

Event highlighting: 10-15 highlight images to promote an event $300

*add-ons are only available with a 6-12 month commitment