Thank you for considering me to be such a big part of your day. I take pride in not only documenting this day but also helping make sure it is as seamless possible.  Although this day is different from any other in your life, my style is to approach it like any creative project I take on: excited by the full understanding that you are not like any anyone else, you have your own story and that is what I'll be documenting. Since you're shopping for photographers, the PDF file attached below has a few bullet points to get you started. Finding the right fit for you on this special day is so important, please feel free to contact me so we can get to know each other --  I'm a firm believer in stepping out from behind the screen.


Your family is beautiful, in all its unique complexities. Because of this, I wouldn't dream of having you sit in front of half a dozen lights in a studio I created to take true portrait, it could never do you justice. For me to capture your family with honesty, I like to begin either in your home or in a place you feel at home and go from there. No posing required, and I will make fun of you for matching outfits so choose wisely. My rates can be discussed by phone or email, they are typically flat but can be customized. I suggest taking a peek at my gallery so you can get a feel for my style, follow the link below or on the dropdown menu.