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Sample Shoot format: For 30-40 images, I recommend structuring shoots in "items" of about 4 -7. Items can be things like dishes, drinks, staff, highlighting part of the restaurant (patio, bar, etc), specials, ingredients, etc. With less items, we can take more of a variety of images of an item - you'll have more options to choose from - different settings, lighting, angles, etc. * Please note names for drinks / dishes, this will help as a reference when requesting images from digital catalog! Shoot Example 1: 3 drinks, 4 dishes, new bartender Shoot Example 2: Interior/Exterior photos (this would cover a lot of area and take up all 30-40 images for one shoot) Shoot Example 3: Patio area, monthly special, ingredients from local farms, meals being prepared
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Shoot day | point of contact name
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